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Romantic Post Wedding Getaway For Food Lovers

honeymoon destinationsThere are many places in the world that offer great food choices. If you and your spouse are both food fanatics and love to share a wonderful meal between you, a honeymoon destination that doubles as a foodie haven is the perfect place for that romantic post wedding getaway.

Here are incredible travel places perfect for your romantic escape.

Cape Town

Cape Town in South Africa is home to some of the best restaurants in the country featuring an astounding collection of international cuisines. One restaurant, in particular, the Test Kitchen, is listed as one of the 50 best restaurants in the world.

Cape Winelands just outside Cape Town produces some of the finest wines in the world. It is also the site of dozens of excellent restaurants that serve seasonal cuisine sourced locally. Aside from the food and wine scene, other activities await the honeymooners like hiking the famous Table Mountain, diving in great white shark-infested waters while in the safety of a cage, visiting the Robben Island (the prison island of Nelson Mandela), and driving to the spectacular Cape of Good Hope.


The city of Mendoza in beautiful Argentina has food offerings that range from the freshly grilled, tender steaks hot off the parilla to restaurants that offer fine dining experience such as the Azafran. A few miles outside the city, you will find 1,500 wineries that is open to guests.

And if the great outdoors is your thing, there is horseback riding, hiking, skiing and day trips to Mount Aconcagua. Plus, since Argentina is still relatively cheap, booking with your luxury travel agent for a luxury honeymoon there won’t break the bank.

Burgundy, France

Burgundy, France offers honeymooning foodies some of the world’s most famous cuisine. Some of France’s internationally known culinary creations originated from the Burgudy region, not to mention the famous Burgundy wine. Traditional dishes such as epoisses de bourgogne and escargot can be had together with Burgundy’s world famous wines.

3 Things to Do on Your Visit to Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is full of rich history and culture and is surprisingly family-friendly as well. We’ve gathered three of our top picks for things to do when you’re in Sri Lanka, and you can do them with the kids too which will spark some amazing memories!

Go to Udawalawe National Park

Elephants are a protected species now, after 2000 years of the ivory trade saw their numbers decimated. Udawalawe National Park is an incredible place that gives the roughly 200 elephants within the park protection and freedom. It’s a great chance to see elephants in the wild, and the park is also home to water buffalo, deer and other mammals that are harder to spot, like the sloth bear or the rusty spotted cat. There are over 500 types of flora and fauna among the grasslands and forest of the park.

Eat Traditional Rice and Curry

Rice and curry is one of the most common meals in Sri Lanka, and can be a simple affair or much larger, depending on what time of the day it is and if it’s a special occasion. To eat it traditionally, you use your hands, which is sure to please your kids! If you’re worried about spice levels then restaurants in high tourist areas are your best bet, as their curries are different from what they’d cook at home – less spicy and more tourist-friendly.

The curries are usually vegetable-based, with meat ordered as an extra, which means those who don’t eat meat can still indulge in the wonderful flavours.

Whether you get your curry from a fancy restaurant or one of the many street vendors, you’re in for a real treat!

Train Ride from Kandy to Ella

This is a fantastic way to see Sri Lanka; the six-hour journey on the infamous red and blue train from Kandy to Ella provides amazing views of forests, mountains, waterfalls and tea plantations.

If you can, try and stand in the carriage doorways – you’ll lose your seat (so buy a cheap one on the day, instead of booking in advance), but the scenery is well worth it!

Sri Lanka is worth the visit for animal lovers, foodies, and anyone who appreciates absolutely breathtaking scenery! You’ll be craving the curries you enjoyed for years to come – so plan for plenty of return trips!